Are Commercial Solar Panels Worth It?

Posted on 29 September 2021

Families and homes, in general, tend to use more energy in the early morning and after 5 pm. This means they are not always getting the most out of the power offered by the sun throughout the day. However, businesses have different factors to consider when it comes to commercial solar panels and systems.

Yet, most businesses are open and consume the bulk of their electricity from 9 am to 5 pm. For this reason, any company that operates during these hours, and is looking to invest in commercial solar should seriously consider doing so. The energy savings a business can make by going solar are incredible, the panels usually pay for themselves in a short period of time.

But how do you take the leap and install solar for business the right way? 

Here’s a guide for business owners to see if commercial solar panels are a wise investment.

Solar Panels to Reduce Business Costs

Can you save money with solar panels? 

Commercial solar panels can help you save a lot of money on your monthly electricity bill. Installing solar panels on your company site can drastically lower the amount of energy you consume from the grid.

Using your own clean, renewable energy will save your business costs and electricity bills, allowing you to spend more money on other things. For enterprises that utilize lots of energy and are heavily reliant on the grid, commercial solar is a great investment. Often seeing a full return on investment within four years, meaning the installation of solar panels can be cash-flow positive from day one.

Solar panels will be most beneficial to businesses that run during the 9-5 period (when the sun is out) such as supermarkets, factories and schools. Any money saved can then be reinvested in the business.

Commercial solar installation in Melbourne city, Victoria
In addition to saving on energy costs, solar systems also reduce your carbon footprint.

Free Up Money to Develop Your Business

Installing commercial solar panels allows you to use energy that you have generated, rather than electricity that comes from the grid. Your power bills will be lower if you do not purchase energy from the grid.

This means there will be more money to put back into your business each month. Many solar-installed business owners put this money back into high-profit sectors like sales or marketing.

These sectors will also aid in the expansion of your company. This is what some like to call a commercial solar investment funnel. You might also use the money you save each month to pay off any loans or financing you have for your commercial solar system. Then, after this return period, the solar system will continue to give this ‘free’ money to the business for many years to come.

This solar investment funnel makes perfect financial sense for business owners, demonstrating that commercial solar panels are well worth the money!

Becoming Environmentally Friendly

If you’re wondering how to be more environmentally friendly, solar panels are a no-brainer.

We are growing more knowledgeable about the world in which we live. Taking a stand against the climate problem is becoming popular among consumers and communities.

Businesses throughout Australia are making the transition to a more environmentally friendly future. This has a significant impact on local communities and provides a variety of benefits. Using your new environmental certification to generate new business and recommendations is a good idea.

When businesses switch to solar panels, and this is used within marketing, corporate image is improved. This can lead to more sales and growth for your company and result in increased popularity enjoyed from a more positive public image.

How Solar Panels Boost the Value of Your Property

Another significant benefit of commercial solar is the increased value of your property. Even if you aren’t planning on installing solar for this reason, it is a great asset to have.

Because your assets have become more valuable, this can help you improve the value of your business. You will attract potential buyers and investors to your business if you become more self-sufficient. Commercial solar will allow you to keep your choices open and know that you have solar as an asset if you ever decide to sell your property and relocate.

If there are any emergency blackouts or problems, any possible buyers or investors would prefer to look at a company independent of the grid and produces its own electricity.

In today’s world, many potential purchasers are looking for buildings with solar panels installed. Although not everyone will install solar to boost the value of their property, commercial solar is unquestionably beneficial.

Gain a Return on Your Solar Panel Investment

Of course, we must not overlook one of the most significant advantages that commercial solar can give. For business owners, a return on investment is critical to ensure that their decision is profitable.

Commercial solar panels deliver a significant return on investment. After you’ve paid for your solar panel, you’ll see a substantial reduction in your operating costs and energy bills. This typically takes three to four years. Notwithstanding that solar panel installation may also be a tax deduction, reducing this ‘pay-back period’ (chat to your accountant).

Commercial solar installation Melbourne, Victoria
Customised solutions for any commercial properties

Any money that you previously spent on energy and operations will be freed up due to these reductions. You may either save this money or reinvest it in high-profit sectors to help pay off your solar system faster.

Even after the cost of your business solar panels has been paid off, you will continue to save money on your energy bills and operational costs. This is especially important because it ensures electricity prices are secured for the business, rather than following current rising market trends.

Government Incentives

The Australian government is recognizing the advantages of commercial solar for businesses. This is why they offer some fantastic financial incentives to assist companies in making the transition to a greener, more cost-effective future. Small Scale Technology Certificates (or STCs) are used to provide these cash incentives for businesses. At the moment this means an approximate 30% cash rebate deduction cost for businesses in Australia.

Commercial Solar Panels Make Sense

Choosing commercial solar today makes clear sense, with all the benefits you’ll receive from it. Ultimately, you’ll contribute to a positive and more eco-friendly future within your business and globally.

At Sky Energy, we can help you on your solar journey. So why not check out our commercial solar systems today? We look forward to hearing from you.


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