Create your own power grid

The luxury of being on the grid, while being off the grid!

Customise yours

Smarter innovation enabling you to experience true freedom

Outside the box thinking by our engineers has enabled us to develop a powerful core and fit it inside one compact box—the SkyBox.

One box.
Infinite possibilities.


IP54 for reliable operation in extreme environments

IP54 for reliable operation in extreme environments

The ultimate flexibility for off grid power solutions and backup

SkyBox creates a virtual power-grid for your home during black-outs and in off grid applications.


Expand the SkyBox as your needs change and grow, delivering you outstanding flexibility and peace of mind for the future.


Easily connect the SkyBox to the grid, your solar installation, wind turbine or generator.

Plug and Play

We’ve made it plug and play so that any qualified electrician can come and install the SkyBox for you.

Easy Connection

We offer full installation or, if you would prefer, have the SkyBox delivered to your property and simply ask your local sparky to come and install it.


Get the maximum potential out of your SkyBox when we customize it for your lifestyle and usage.


Our team of electricians and engineers carefully build a SkyBox to your specifications and test thoroughly. Then it’s a teary goodbye as the SkyBox leaves our Victorian headquarters as it begins it’s adventure to it’s new home.


Your SkyBox arrives safely to your property, where we can install it for you or if you have your own electrician, they can hook it up and you can start powering your life.

Power your home.
Your shed.
Or both.

A powerful core

Handles everything you throw at it with ease.

Powerful core

Sky Energy powers its whole business completely with the SkyBox

We trust the SkyBox so much we use it to power our office and warehouse—completely off the grid.


Real off grid power

With our specifically designed monitoring app you have the power to see what’s going on anytime, anywhere, as long as you have 4G connection.extensive hands on experience. This knowledge we pass on to you.

Download the FREE brochure

Learn more about the SkyBox and how it can benefit you by downloading the free brochure.

Blackout Protection

We built the SkyBox around reliability so you can live comfortably. Never worry about being stuck in a blackout.

Power your life with the SkyBox

Customise a SkyBox to benefit your lifestyle. Talk to one of our team and find out how.

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