Why Solar Panel Installation is a Bright Idea

Posted on 29 September 2021

Solar is a great way to reduce your electricity bills! That’s why many people consider a solar panel installation on their home.

The idea is to take advantage of a renewable energy source, to reduce electricity bills. You might be wondering about what returns you’ll get from investing in solar energy. Also, apart from lowering your energy utility, you might want to know what other benefits you’ll get from solar panels and batteries.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

On average, homeowners in Australia spend about 386 dollars every 3 months on electricity. This amount has tended to increase as the years go by and more coal power plants are shut down in an effort for the country to become more green and renewable. Solar is a great way to not only reduce electricity bills but to take control of your own power production; securing your energy needs against rising electricity costs.

Solar panels installed on a roof

Some homeowners assume to save the most money they must abide by a firm, ‘turn off the lights kids’ policy, or cease to run the air conditioner to cut your energy expenses. There is, however, a convenient way of achieving this goal through solar panel installation.

Solar panels are powerful and often produce more electricity than the home requires. This means you can comfortably run your high power applications like air conditioners during summer, for free. With your power needs easily covered by the solar panels and then some.

Increase the Value of Your Home

By installing solar panels, you will significantly increase the value of your home. That means on top of the short-term gains of solar panels, also you have the benefit of a long term investment.

This also makes the strong case to make sure you install quality solar equipment and use a quality solar installer that will last the test of time and continue to add value to your home as a valuable asset (a good way to do this is to have a look at solar companies reviews on Facebook and Google).

Also, having solar panels on your home may help you find a home buyer more quickly. The reason is that many savvy buyers now acknowledge that solar energy is the future, and selling a home that has no, or little, electricity bills is a very appealing advantage to prospective buy

Example of a solar installation with inverter and batteries
A recent battery installation.

Dependable Energy Source

Australia is moving toward a greener future and this often means coal power stations and non-renewable power sources are being decommissioned, this can lead to blackouts or brownouts in certain areas. You can overcome the challenges of blackouts and brownouts by installing solar panels and batteries on your home.

All you need is to get solar batteries that can store energy, with off-grid capabilities or ‘black-out protection’, when your neighbours are struggling in the dark, in your home, you’ll still have the power on and working. This is perfect for any zombie apocalypse.

Low Maintenance Expenses

Solar panels are virtually maintenance-free, which means it’s mostly a set and forget asset, though it’s worth keeping your eye on daily production value so you can be aware if anything changes in your solar production that may mean you need to call a technician.

This might be as simple as checking your solar ‘app’ on your phone each day or week, just to make sure everything is working as it should be.

Aside from routine checking of solar production, there’s no real, ongoing maintenance that is required. Some say it’s worth having a solar ‘inspection’ every few years, and this is sometimes a requirement of maintaining any company warranties your solar system comes with too, so keep your eye out for this in any small print when purchasing a solar system and factor a routine inspection into your purchase cost, if this is a requirement of the company you’re purchasing your solar from.

A large commercial solar installation in Melbourne, Victoria
A large system for Bliss Care Health installed by Sky Energy

Amazing Solar Incentives and Rebates

Most Australians are eligible for generous solar and battery rebates, up to 50% when investing in a solar energy system. This helps to reduce the costs of solar equipment and also means you might be able to invest a little bit more of the government rebate money into your new solar system.

Securing higher quality equipment that will stand the test of time and help you save even more money and add more value to your property.

Protect the Environment

Aside from great savings that can be made, solar carries the ‘green’ advantage, meaning you will not only save money but reduce your carbon footprint too, helping do your bit for the planet.

Switching to solar will help protect the environment. Solar energy systems don’t emit any greenhouse gases, the use of renewable energy reduces water consumption and pollution that comes from non-renewable sources like coal.

By choosing to install solar panels in your home, you’ll play a part in creating a better world for future generations.

Save Money and Help the Planet!

Overall, solar panels are a great way to save money while increasing the value of your home, all while making the world a ‘greener’ place. It’s all upside when it comes to solar!

By choosing solar power, you’re reducing environmental pollution and creating a safe world. Solar energy reduces To get affordable, quality solar and battery systems and services reach out to us. We’ll guide you to understand the best solution for your home or business and we’ll also help advise you on how to enjoy various solar incentives and rebates.

To get affordable solar photovoltaic systems and services reach out to us. We’ll guide you to know the ideal solar equipment to get for your home. Also, we’ll advise you on how you can enjoy various solar incentives and rebates.

Contact us today and one of our representatives will help you answer what you need to switch to solar power.


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