Commercial Solar Systems

Free up cash-flow for your business and regain control over one of your company’s largest expenses – electricity bills. Solar systems generate electricity when the sun is shining, for many of us this is during business hours, meaning the returns on the investment for solar on your business can be extraordinarily high. We offer cash-flow positive solutions too, this means you can finance a commercial solar system and the repayments can be less than your current electricity bill, giving you a net positive cash-flow benefit from day one. Free up your cash flow and reinvest that money within your business, rather than never ending and ever-increasing electricity bills.

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Commercial solar systems

A commercial solar system on your business gives you more control over your electricity bills. Solar on your business ensures your daytime energy needs are covered by reliable and free solar power. The more power your business uses, the bigger the bills, the more a commercial solar system will save you money. Take a look.

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Commercial Solar in
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What are your business goals for investing in solar? We can provide real solutions and show you how they are achievable.

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We design a specific system to meet your goals, plan how to install with minimal disruption to your business and organise a site inspection to make sure installation can be carried out safely.

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Using our carefully developed plan and proven method we carry out the installation and get you saving from the first flick of the switch.

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Is your company in an industry most likely to benefit from a commercial solar system?

  • Manufacturing
  • Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Office and Warehouse Spaces
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Belgrave Heights Christian School is now saving over $40,000 a year. How much will your business save?

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Case Study

Belgrave Heights Christian School

Belgrave Heights Christian School installed this powerful 100KW commercial solar system to go along with their impressive school facilities.
They wanted to reduce their electricity bills–and because the school uses most of its power during daylight hours so solar was clearly the best solution.

Read more about their installation here.

Belgrave Heights Christian School before installation Belgrave Heights Christian School after installation
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  • Curved Roof, DC Optimised
  • 100KW DC Optimised (SolarEdge) Solar System
  • 100KW Canadian/DC Optimised Solar System
  • Individual panel monitoring
  • Close to 100% up time
  • Saving about $40,000 a year
  • See a return of 3-4 years

How will you know your solar system is powering your businesss efficiently?
We’ve got you.

We provide individual panel monitoring

Take advantage of our individual panel monitoring service and sit back knowing your panels are making use of the sun’s energy to their full potential. We are your eyes and ears. All our solar systems come with remote monitoring technology. If any problems arise our team of electricians and engineers are standing by to take steps and sort it out for you quickly, ensuring your savings are guaranteed all year round.

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“Lighthouse Christian College invested in a large solar system last year with the team at Sky Energy and their passion and care for what they do has shone through from the start. We are thrilled with our solar system and the service Sky Energy has given us.”

Avril H, Principle

Lighthouse Christian College

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Solar battery install

Aftercare service with SkyCare™

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive aftercare service. If questions pop up regarding your system you can call and speak to one of our SkyCare™ team that same day or we’ll schedule a call back within 36 hours.

All of our team is located here in Australia so you won’t be dealing with an overseas call centre or automated help desk. Sky Energy prides itself on being an innovative and transparent company with all team members working together to provide support to each valued customer.

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You’re in good hands

What can you expect from a solar company started and run by electricians and engineers? The right advice when it comes to anything to do with solar.

From our extensive hands on experience, we only recommend products of the highest quality that have been tested in the harsh Australian climate and proven to last the journey. This knowledge we pass on to you.



100% Aussie

owned and operated

Sky Crew

our in-house team

Hard work pays off

After consistently providing our customers with high quality installations and after care, our suppliers have noticed and partnered up with us. You get to reap the rewards. Take a look.

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What is it and how do you benefit?

We are proud to be a SMA PowerUP Partner—a select few companies who are fully qualified and trained to install and service SMA inverters without voiding warranty or damaging your solar system.

Through our previous high quality installations, we were acknowledged by SMA and invited to join the PowerUP Partner program.

Our technicians have undergone, and continue to receive ongoing training from SMA experts in advancements to products and technology.

Through this partnership we have gained the mastery when it comes to SMA products and why we promise quality advice, installation and setup.

Simply put, you receive the highest quality of installations for your home, the confidence knowing it will be set up correctly and an additional 5 years to the warranty making it a whopping, 10 year warranty. You’re in good hands.

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What is it and how do you benefit?

You don’t install the most LG Chem batteries in South East Asia without getting to know the products first. LG Chem has awarded us a Diamond Partner for years of first class installations, minimising any product efficiencies to make sure you get the absolute best of the product. This partnership allows us to pass on excellent product warranties to you, which are unavailable through other companies.

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What is it and how do you benefit?

SkyEnergy is a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer and solar retailer. Most companies don’t have both. The Clean Energy Council or CEC is the governing body that monitors the standards of solar installations in Australia and only accredit those who meet the qualifications and do a good job.

Being an accredited installer means that we can apply for government rebates and incentives such as Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and feed-in tariffs on your behalf. To be eligible for STC’s, which reduce the upfront cost of installing solar, the system must be designed and installed by a CEC Accredited Installer—that’s us!

Being an accredited solar retailer means that we follow strict guidelines from the Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct. What that means for you is that:

  • We as a company have gone through a rigorous process to become an Approved Solar Retailer
  • a standard minimum warranty period of five years on your whole system
  • detailed information on the process between system installation and network connection
  • peace of mind that we adhere to all existing legislation and regulations, and that our sales representatives act ethically and not engage in any dishonest or misleading tactics
  • As well as many other quality and performance guarantees

For more information about the Clean Energy Council and accredited installers and retailers you can visit www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au

Want to know more about “off grid” solar?

Our learning hub has many videos about all the different topics of solar.

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