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With the many Australian government solar rebates and incentives available residential solar makes even more sense. Contact our team to discuss the best solar solution for your home.

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Easy and affordable solar energy

Grid connected solar systems supply a household with renewable energy, feeding excess generated energy back to the ‘grid’. This surplus energy is usually metered and credited to your power bill (depending on your retailer and the State you reside in). Most energy retailers offer at least one plan with feed-in tariffs.

With a solar system for your home or business you can reduce your electricity bills by an enormous amount. 

House using solar power

Using energy from the sun to power your home means you will save money whilst contributing to a zero carbon future. Now is the perfect time to switch to a solar system for your home.

We also understand that you may need a guide to solar, to help you through. To assist we’ve developed a learning hub where you can learn about all things solar.

Our team is expertly trained to help you through every step of getting an excellent solar system on your roof. 

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Benefits of installing a solar system

  • Reduce or even eliminate your energy bill
  • Add value to your property
  • Contribute to a clean energy future
  • Achieve independence from energy retailers

Types of residential solar systems

Grid-connected system 

You remain connected to the grid and can still rely on your energy provider when solar power is not being generated. Your inverter is smart enough to draw on all your solar power before pulling energy from the grid. With a grid-connected system, it is possible to sell power back to the grid.

Off-grid systems 

A standalone power supply using solar batteries to store excess energy and provide the power when you need it. These systems do not require any grid connection. In new construction projects for rural properties, it is a better economical and environmentally friendly option than paying for a new grid connection.

Hybrid solar systems 

These are grid-connected systems with solar batteries to store solar energy and use when no solar is being generated. The batteries can operate as a backup in the event of a blackout, for example.

Battery ready system

A battery ready system uses a hybrid inverter and has the battery charger and connection built-in, which means adding a battery in the future is more manageable 

Residential solar experts

If you’re serious about understanding renewable energy and how to never think about an energy bill again: Sky Energy have extensive experience in solar products including residential and commercial solar.

We have been installing solar panels and solar battery systems in Victoria and New South Wales since 2014. Our sales team can help you understand system sizes solar rebates and your eligibility.

We only use solar panel systems and products we know can withstand the Australian climate. The benefit for you is a solar system of the highest quality with maximum output and efficiency.

Our installers are Clean Energy Council accredited and Sky Energy are a CEC Approved Solar Retailer. Benefit from our experience navigating Victorian government solar initiatives including rebate information and how feed in tariffs apply to Victorian households.

Residential Solar System Components

A solar system is made of 3 main components: solar panels and mounting frames, a solar inverter and cables, switches and monitoring equipment. For those wanting complete independence and going ‘off-grid,’ a solar battery is required.

The modular nature of solar components means you can upgrade at any stage and depending on your power requirements. Each state’s government offers different incentives. Our team here at Sky Energy has all the information and advice to help you on your solar journey.

Solar Panels and mounting frames

Quality and price vary in solar panels. Although performance differences are marginal, the main differences are how the energy output degrades over the panels’ lifetime and warranty length.  For example, high-end Sunpower Maxeon 400W panels are guaranteed to keep 90+% rated output after 25 years and a 25-year product warranty. 

Mounting frames or racking connect your solar panels to the roof. These are simple aluminium racks bolted together. Most brands are similar, and due to their simplicity, there is not much difference.


The most common inverters come in two types: String inverters and micro-inverters. String inverters, about the size of a printer, are the component that is most likely to fail in the first 10-15 years. Because of this, we recommend looking at a mid to high-end inverter as they’re more likely to outlast a cheaper one. In most cases, the inverter is attached to the wall of the property.

Microinverters are small inverters designed to be attached to individual solar panels. DC power is converted to AC immediately and works independently of each other. This makes for a more robust system, although the initial cost is higher. Since PV panels can generate different amounts of power due to conditions such as shading, obstruction or even mismatch of panels, it can negatively affect the output of the linked string system. Micro-inverters prevent this from happening.

Types of inverters


Inverters have monitoring out of the box but if you are interested in the amount of energy going to and from the grid you need a consumption monitor which is a small device which sits in your switchboard. 

Solar panels, inverters and batteries we install

Some of the brands we work with include SMA, LG Energy, Tesla (including Tesla Powerwall2), Victron, Hyundai, Sungrow and Fronius.

Read more about about solar batteries here.

Our installers are Clean Energy Council accredited and Sky Energy are an Approved Solar Retailer. Benefit from our experience navigating Victorian government solar initiatives including rebate information and how feed in tariffs apply to Victorian households.

We have been installing solar panels and solar battery systems in Victoria and New South Wales since 2014. Our sales team can help you understand system sizes solar rebates and your eligibility.

SkyBlade™ – Our customised panel for Australian climates

More Specifications

SkyBlade™ – A Module Re-Modeled

The SkyBlade™ series solar module boasts two identical parts, which are composed of cells that are half the size of ordinary solar cells. By cutting cells into halves, these smaller currents will help reduce “Cell To Module” loss, which means overall higher output for your solar system.


Short and Sweet

Instead of 6 internal strings of cells, the SkyBlade™ series module has 2x 6 shorter ones. This design effectively deals with the mismatch between cells caused by shadow, out of sync performance degradation, ect.


Solar Panels

Higher Yield Due to Better Shading Response

SkyBlade™ comprises two separated and identical solar cell arrays, which means the ordinary strings of cells are cut into halves, and these shorter strings compose arrays which has separated current paths. When a module is shaded, only one side shaded array’s current will be impacted, while the other array will still be functionally producing power.

Who is SMA Technology?

SMA is a Germany based company and global leader in inverter manufacturing that was started way back in 1981. They have been a driving force behind technological trends and pushing developments in the renewable energy industry ever since.

Don’t let the slick outer design fool you, under the bonnet is an incredibly powerful and intelligent system. These inverters are very common in Australia, we’ve installed thousands of them and can safely say faults are extremely rare. The performance and reliability are world class as you would expect from a premium Germany inverter company.

solar panels on a shed roof with a blue sky background
an off grid solar and battery installation on a shed wall
an off grid solar and battery installation
LG Solar battery range

Have you considered batteries?

Create and store your own power then use it when you please.

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“Lighthouse Christian College invested in a large solar system last year with the team at Sky Energy and their passion and care for what they do has shone through from the start. We are thrilled with our solar system and the service Sky Energy has given us.”

Avril H, Principle

Lighthouse Christian College

Aftercare service with SkyCare™

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive aftercare service. If questions pop up regarding your system you can call and speak to one of our SkyCare™ team that same day or we’ll schedule a call back within 36 hours.

All of our team is located here in Australia so you won’t be dealing with an overseas call centre or automated help desk. Sky Energy prides itself on being an innovative and transparent company with all team members working together to provide support to each valued customer.

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You’re in good hands

What can you expect from a solar company started and run by electricians and engineers? The right advice when it comes to anything to do with solar.

From our extensive hands on experience, we only recommend products of the highest quality that have been tested in the harsh Australian climate and proven to last the journey. This knowledge we pass on to you.



100% Aussie

owned and operated

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Hard work pays off

After consistently providing our customers with high quality installations and after care, our suppliers have noticed and partnered up with us. You get to reap the rewards. Take a look.

SMA banner

What is it and how do you benefit?

We are proud to be a SMA PowerUP Partner—a select few companies who are fully qualified and trained to install and service SMA inverters without voiding warranty or damaging your solar system.

Through our previous high quality installations, we were acknowledged by SMA and invited to join the PowerUP Partner program.

Our technicians have undergone, and continue to receive ongoing training from SMA experts in advancements to products and technology.

Through this partnership we have gained the mastery when it comes to SMA products and why we promise quality advice, installation and setup.

Simply put, you receive the highest quality of installations for your home, the confidence knowing it will be set up correctly and an additional 5 years to the warranty making it a whopping, 10 year warranty. You’re in good hands.

LG Chem banner

What is it and how do you benefit?

You don’t install the most LG Chem batteries in South East Asia without getting to know the products first. LG Chem has awarded us a Diamond Partner for years of first class installations, minimising any product efficiencies to make sure you get the absolute best of the product. This partnership allows us to pass on excellent product warranties to you, which are unavailable through other companies.

Clean Energy Council banner

What is it and how do you benefit?

SkyEnergy is a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer and solar retailer. Most companies don’t have both. The Clean Energy Council or CEC is the governing body that monitors the standards of solar installations in Australia and only accredit those who meet the qualifications and do a good job.

Being an accredited installer means that we can apply for government rebates and incentives such as Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and feed-in tariffs on your behalf. To be eligible for STC’s, which reduce the upfront cost of installing solar, the system must be designed and installed by a CEC Accredited Installer—that’s us!

Being an accredited solar retailer means that we follow strict guidelines from the Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct. What that means for you is that:

  • We as a company have gone through a rigorous process to become an Approved Solar Retailer
  • a standard minimum warranty period of five years on your whole system
  • detailed information on the process between system installation and network connection
  • peace of mind that we adhere to all existing legislation and regulations, and that our sales representatives act ethically and not engage in any dishonest or misleading tactics
  • As well as many other quality and performance guarantees

For more information about the Clean Energy Council and accredited installers and retailers you can visit www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au

Want to know more about “off grid” solar?

Our learning hub has many videos about all the different topics of solar.

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