Own the Renewable Future:
Invest in Sky Energy

For a limited time only you can express your interest in owning part of Australian green tech company, Sky Energy. The team is in the off-grid tech space and their flagship product, SkyBox™, is here to fill a gap in the residential and commercial space.

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    Partner with Aussie Green-Tech Company: Sky Energy

    Our mission at SkyEnergy is to simplify the world’s access to clean energy. We started as a team of technicians who through in-field experience saw glaring complexity in the renewable energy market. We answered the call to simplify, clean energy.

    We created the SkyBox: a cost-efficient, easy-to-install, transportable energy product that permits homes and commercial spaces to abandon reliance on the electric grid in favour of renewable resources.

    It took off; sales are now at over $800,000 monthly. We’ve already helped thousands of Aussies get freedom from the grid. From typical family homes to major Aussie construction and infrastructure projects.

    Game changing renewable energy products.

    SkyBox is a scalable lithium battery management system compatible with wind, solar, and hydro.

    SkyBox is 90% faster to install, compared to existing solutions, able to function entirely without the grid (forever), and is pre-programmed (so any electrician can install it. Vastly increasing accessibility to clean energy.

    SkyBox is helping Aussies create renewable power for many applications, from family homes to construction projects (with thousands of people), who can now access clean power solutions because of the simplicity of SkyBox.


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    Business Model


    SkyBox is a crucial step in the future of renewables in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and construction. These sectors spend millions annually fueling diesel generators for power.


    We aim to build a global brand.

    We’ve already helped complete multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects powered by clean energy for VicRoads in partnership with MRPV Major Roads Projects Victoria and international construction companies like MACA, BMD, and DECMIL.

    We will continue to work with industry to see SkyBox uptake increase around Australia before expanding our reach to overseas markets.

    Mission & Objectives


    We’re here to make the global green revolution a win/win.

    SkyBox sales have increased 800% in three years, and we are quickly outgrowing our current facilities.

    Business Objectives

    We began in 2019 and are one of Australia’s most highly-rated renewable energy companies, thanks to a phenomenal team.

    Our vision is that this established team helps us accelerate our sales expansion around Australia.

    Our next goal is to move into new manufacturing facilities, by 2024, enabling us to meet existing demand and future-proof us for our expected growth. Through these facilities, we aim to establish Sky Energy as a go-to global brand within the renewable-tech sector.



    Globally the renewable market is estimated to exceed 3.5 trillion by 2030. The Government’s pledged to cut emissions by 43%, introducing a new carbon scheme, (July 1) requiring industries to offset their emissions.


    This creates a huge opportunity to grow Sky Energy while saving Aussie businesses money. With the SkyBox product and an established national team of installers, we have a strong market advantage in Australia.

    During 2024-2025 we strive to open new markets, including New Zealand, in 2024, and the USA and European markets by the end of 2025.

    Invest in Sky Energy, and as an owner and partner, you can, take that next step, joining the Global Energy Revolution. Together, we will grow Sky Energy into a recognised global brand, simplifying clean energy and helping take the world off the grid.