Welcome to the Installation Process Timeline

*Times are estimated only and are subject to processes and bodies outside of our control such as Solar Vic, finance approvals, extreme weather conditions, site inspections etc.


Hello there,
little contract.

Contract comes in, our team enter it the same day or first thing the next day at latest. We don’t mess around!

1-2 days max


Into the portal you go

If you are going for a rebate your details are uploaded into the portal and you receive a rebate email. We know everyone gets a millions emails so our team call to let you know as well. If you’re not going for a rebate please proceed to step 07.

1-2 days max


Time to start your
rebate process.

As soon as you get your email regarding the rebate you can start the rebate application right there and then. It takes 25 minutes, a bit less if you’re really good at computers.

25 minutes


It’s up to Solar Vic now.

As soon as you complete your rebate application it sits and waits for Solar Vic to approve. This is completely out of our hands. Approval can be instant or forever and a day. They say within 5 business days but it varies.

0 to 5+ days


you’re approved!

Nice job! As soon as we get notified that you are approved we shoot you over an email letting you know.



We need a few
important things.

To make the planning of your solar installation a breeze, we request photos of your switchboard so there are no nasty surprises when we arrive on the day of install.

10 minutes


Great, thanks!
Let’s book a date.

Once we get the pre installation photos from you, our schedule team figure out how long the job will take, the best team fit to do the install and an available date. We’ll ring and confirm with you, of course.

1-2 days max


Please make a
progress payment.

We don’t want you to lose your spot! A quick call to our accounts team or bank transfer will do. Your installation may be delayed if we don’t receive this progress.

5 minutes


Installation reminder.

A week or so before your installation date, our friendly team give you a buzz just to remind you about your installation date.

5 minutes


Happy installation day!

Is it really installation day already?! Our team will arrive in the morning unless you have been informed about an afternoon slot. After installation is complete we require final payment. Thank you in advance!

0-3 days


Waiting for
Mr. Inspector.

Before you can use your solar system it needs to be inspected by a third party. They generally give you a call to arrange a time to come and inspect our work to make sure it’s safely installed. This is out of our hands.

2 weeks approx


Grid connection

If you are being grid connected we send off all Grid Connection paperwork so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

30 minutes



Our engineering department team set up the monitoring so we can keep an eye on your system and alert you if anything goes wrong.

1-2 hours


Let the savings begin!

Once your system has been inspected, ticked off and turned on, it’s time to sit back and relax!

Today onwards!