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      What is the SkyBox and what does it do?

      SkyBox replaces a ‘grid connection’ energy supply. From the suburban home or man-cave to a peaceful country homestead far away from the grid . SkyBox gives all Australians the ability to go completely off-grid and save on their energy bills, granting complete independence from power lines and the power companies.

      The SkyBox receives power from solar, wind , hydro or a generator to store and supply energy from multiple sources at once. Acting as a central ‘brain’ and battery hub to manage and balance different power inputs and create a sturdy output of ‘off-grid’ power. SkyBox ensures a steady electrical supply to you home or business.

      SkyBox and Tiny Home

      How it works

      For example, the SkyBox will take power from solar panels and wind turbines, combine them, and send it at a steady voltage to your home or business. SkyBox stores any excess renewable energy within its internal batteries for later use.

      Suppose the batteries run low and there’s no renewable energy available. In this case, the SkyBox will automatically start a generator to top up its batteries and ensure an uninterrupted power supply to your premises.

      SkyBox hums away, giving you complete independence from power companies and an uninterrupted, renewable power supply.

      SkyBox Infographic

      As featured on Sunrise with our friends NJ Tiny Homes

      The SkyBox is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and provides enormous battery capacity in one cabinet.

      Because of this, you can enjoy all the luxury of being on the grid while being off the grid! When you want to expand, simply add more batteries to suit your storage requirements. SkyBox protects your home with Full Off-Grid power!

      Plug and play

      SkyBox infographic


      Get the maximum potential out of your SkyBox when we customize it for your off grid living.


      Our team of electricians and engineers carefully build a SkyBox to your specifications and test thoroughly. Then it’s a teary goodbye as the SkyBox leaves our Victorian headquarters as it begins it’s adventure to it’s new home.


      Your SkyBox arrives safely to your property, where we can install it for you or if you have your own electrician, they can hook it up and you can start powering your life.

      SkyBox is a self contained energy system with battery, inverter and required switches all housed in a custom weatherproof enclosure.

      In the past you’d have to pay up to tens of thousands to run cables to your home or property, SkyBox solves that and doesn’t require an off-grid qualified electrician to install.

      Since any electrician can install it, you can save thousands compared to installing an off grid solar system, through an off grid installer or provider.

      The SkyBox can draw power from any wind turbine, water generator, solar or other power source, as long as that power source is installed via an AC Couple to the home

      SkyBox will automatically detect the excess power and charge the batteries.

      The SkyBox is easy to install and easy to uninstall by a licensed electrician, this means you can shift the SkyBox as you require.

      Yes, though the SkyBox has specific requirements around voltage and receiving ‘clean’ power from a generator, as long as your generator puts out 50Hz and close to 240V, then it can easily be plugged into the SkyBox

      SkyBox is pre-programmed for this feature, to make it easy.

      Yes, when the door is closed and the cables are installed according to the instructions, the SkyBox carries an IP55 Rating, meaning it is weather resistant.

      The Lithium batteries in the SkyBox have a 95% depth of discharge. This means you can use 95% of the stored power within the batteries.

      This is compared to the 60% usable capacity you usually get when using products like lead acid batteries off the grid. This gives you a lot more endurance and power capacity.

      Depending on the region and state your SkyBox may be eligible for government subsidy.

      SkyBox can give your home three phase capabilities, for those who need some extra juice, this is entirely possible and easy to do.

      We program everything for you before it leaves our warehouse, giving you easily installed, three phase off grid or backup power.

      Yes, you can expand the Sky Box’s capabilities almost to infinity and beyond.

      Any licensed electrician can install the SkyBox.

      SkyCare is a support team based in Victoria that you and your electrician can call with any technical questions about the SkyBox.

      This ensures you have an award winning team behind your off grid installation to ensure you have peace of mind with your off grid power setup!

      Yes, the batteries can be connected to a charger in order to charge vehicles and appliances.

      Power your life with the SkyBox

      Customise a SkyBox to benefit your lifestyle. Talk to one of our team and find out how.